Hot & Misty in Bordeaux…


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When its 37°C (99°F) and you are walking around the UNESECO world heritage site of Bordeaux, at some point. you might think about sinking your toes into water at the ‘Miroir d’eau’ (Water Mirror). Yes this is not just the largest reflective pool in the world, a wonderful piece of engineering and architecture, its also a great place to cool down, especially after being crammed in on trams whilst exploring this beautiful city.


The water mirror goes through a series of rhythmic changes, so if its not such a nice day  when you visit try and stay for a while to get the full experience.

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The gigantic surface of granite slabs is covered with a thin layer of water (up to 2cm in depth).  It takes 3 minutes to fill up, then there is 15 minutes of mirror reflection.  After draining for 5 minutes there is 3 minutes of mist.



Like other french cities, Bordeaux has a truly iconic installation.  This one was created to be the centerpiece of Bordeaux’s river banks in 2006 by Jean-Max Llorca.  Its been redeveloped by landscape architect Michel Corajoud since.

You’ll find it in front of the Place de la Bourse, between the Quai de la Douane and the Quai Louis XVIII.  On a hot day you’ll find this world first installation a great place to freshen up by the river banks and you can enjoy the views too.


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