Le Manoir de Gurson
View from the 3rd lake on our estate

Bringing you our journey of business growth at ‘Le Manoir de Gurson‘ one post at a time. Hoping to inspire your personal and professional growth as we share with you the challenges we encounter.

See how we develop from a 4 star country gite to a destination for: artists, exhibitors, naturalists and outdoor enthusiasts.   Its easy to be Eco-minded when you have a 98 acre estate (including woods, meadows and 3 fishing lakes) and you are touched by nature everyday.

Our estate is the epitome of tranquility and our aim is to organically maintain, as it has been for decades, the integrity of one of nature’s havens.

As a psychology graduate I’m keen to find the route to self-actualization.   As an avid explorer and photographer finding new places and different perspectives makes me tick.  Luckily I live in the Dordogne, France.  The region is known for its picturesque architecture, lush landscapes gourmet food and celebrated wines.  I’m in a great place to enjoy a plethora of french specialties, culture and the welcoming local fayre.  Photography helps me to break down language barriers, get to know local people and share local knowledge.



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